How to Become a Host Anchor on an Entertainment News Show

Whether you have a love of acting or a knack for storytelling, you can learn how to become a host anchor on an entertainment television show. Aspiring host anchors should consider getting an internship at a local television station or studying communications in college. A sample tape of your work on-air is vital for getting the job. During college, you should prepare for the broadcasting industry by taking courses in journalism or media studies.

Besides having excellent communication skills, you must be comfortable in front of the camera and connect with the audience. While it may be easy for some people to feel at ease when speaking in front of a camera, this ability is not always natural. Besides good verbal and written skills, you also need excellent interviewing skills, physical stamina, and knowledge of social media. Being confident and presentable is an absolute must!

A resume tape is similar to a demo reel for an actor. It is a compilation of clips highlighting your strengths as an anchor. It shows how you report breaking news and interact with the audience. Potential employers want to see how you handle a crisis and how you portray a character. If you have a passion for broadcasting, a resume tape may be just what you need to land the job.

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