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Currently, according to the legal clinic for surgery The use of Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers to inject almost every clinic by advertising is Certified by the FDA. 

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More advanced than Thailand for listeners to believe. But I must say that there are fillers, both in Thailand and abroad. By raising the name of another country that Only a few are allowed to be injected. Therefore, before injecting the patient must ask for information. add that filler What brand is always injected?

In fact Filler products are useful. If used for the right purpose in the past It is often used for the wrong purpose. Because foreigners use fillers to treat deep facial grooves (Course Wrinkle) such as cheek grooves, facial grooves or marionette lines, nasolabial fold wrinkles, which Botox does not treat. Yes, lip augmentation (increase the thickness of the lips) and add thin cheeks, etc.

important foreign doctors Especially in Western countries, it is not used to inject the nose. Because the nose is already high, Thai doctors apply it themselves. Some injections for nose augmentation, some for chin augmentation, which in almost 10 years ago, always guaranteed 100% that the injection would dissolve, not flow, not sag, but after 10 years, many doctors began to dare not say that they dissolved. because as said Fillers are semi-permanent (Semi- Permanent).

Although nowadays there are new types of fillers coming out. Type of property, long lasting, no need to spray often due to expensive On average, foreign countries cost 15,000-18,000 baht per cc, including a specific design for the specific area that really needs to be injected, although it is still a semi-permanent substance. And the more it is designed to last longer.

It is known that fillers in the current injectable market Not all certified by the FDA because some brands There may be only one type of FDA-approved filler. and when used Then bring a type of filler that has not been approved by the FDA to provide service, claiming that the brand has been certified. Such actions cause damage. who will use filler Therefore, it should be checked for sure. You can check whether the qualifications are certified or not at the website of the Food and Drug Administration or FDA.

The author would like to bring the Q&A experience. between doctor and patient Consultation for rhinoplasty in case of nose injection That should make it easier for readers to understand

Q: How do fillers work?

Answer: Filler is like a sponge, able to inflate and decompress from the water in the tissue surrounding the injection. The nose will look largely swollen, but when sweating a lot or being exposed to a lot of heat. It will collapse down. People who have injected fillers before will receive the same warning not to go near the stove or enter villagers, so feeling that the filler collapse or disappear Actually, its outline remains, only it dries. Or it flows to the side of the nose, cheek or tip of the nose according to the gravity of the world.

How to inject filler (Filler) to get good results?

method, depending on the shallow depth position that wants the filler to be inserted, whether it is a good filler injection and injected by that specialist There are various injection methods. Injected into the epidermis (mid-dermis), injected into the subcutaneous fat layer (Subcutaneous) or injected into the filler in the layer under the periosteal membrane (1 periosteal), the glue works well in each position. or the type of filler itself A combination of injections may be needed. especially deep injection under the periosteum There is usually no problem with sag flow. But the disadvantage is Must be injected using large amounts to see results, which costs a lot of money.

Many people who have had filler injections when touching the injection site compared to Other areas of skin that have been injected can feel that the tissues at the injected and non-injected areas feel different Especially the injected position, no matter the nose or chin, will give a thick feeling. compared to the non-injection position, doctors often use this method for patients to prove by themselves that the filler is still long-lasting Especially when people insist that it has been injected for a long time and has disappeared. Or have you already checked? doctor who injects to say that it’s already broken

Q: Injected fillers When will it break?

Answer: Fillers are designed to disintegrate in many periods, such as dissolving after 6 months, 8 months, 12 months, or 2-5 years and then dissolving.

In case the filler does not collapse Companies that sell these substances The injected body will be brought to disintegrate, known as the enzyme (Enzyme) to disintegrate HA for the doctor to see. The method is to put the filler in a glass of water and add enzymes to the glass. It can be seen that it really dissolves, plus some people even show their drinking to the doctor. to emphasize that it is actually biodegradable and safe to eat as well. It also has to produce a substance to break it down.

Remarks: When showing the method of dissolving fillers, it is often performed outside the body, but for substances that are injected into the human body, it is different because the body has connective tissues that the filler contains. These go to the island, inserted, and when dissolving injections The drug is not easy to run into the filler. Like when there is no filler Because now the space between the cells is full. with a filler inserted earlier Many times the patient has injected and dissolved. Not exhausted, having to go back and inject many times Another problem is that injected fillers disintegrate, often disintegrate at the injection site. and then flow to pile together in other areas

Q: Can it not crumble and scrape off?

A: Yes, but these fillers penetrate the space between epidermal cells and fat cells under the skin Therefore, the only way The complete set is Some parts of the epidermis have to be removed, along with the subcutaneous fat layer. But subcutaneous fat is very important in terms of making The outer skin is not sagging, not soft, not pliable. Too much is therefore not good, especially for the nose which has a very thin subcutaneous fat layer.

Q: What should I do? When the filler speaks, it cannot be broken down. Would it be dangerous if left on it? Will be like the case of liquid silicone, later found that the quality is not good or similar to the case of one brand of artificial breasts Which has been used as a supplement for 10 years after it was found that there was a chance of cancer.

Especially in the case that when it’s time to collapse, it hasn’t collapsed yet. Which can be detected by hand touching that it feels different? Then ask for advice that If wanting to remove from the body, can I inject dissolving substances? Will it all dissolve or not? And for people who inject and feel beautiful and satisfied, don’t be in a hurry to worry about danger. because there is no report yet that it is a carcinogen Because it would take at least 10 years to know.

Q: Are fillers and nose injections at all or is it because of rhinoplasty surgeons who are against it?

Answer: Nasal injections with fillers or fillers Patients must be selected individually, not suitable for all cases. The part will be suitable for any type of user. Notice the image below. You will notice that This patient has a thin nose. The nasal bone can be seen clearly. In this type, the injection fills the skin with only a small amount of filler.

Q: In the case of having been injected but would like to add more Can the doctor do it?

A: A doctor can do it. But there are details that must be concluded first. If the nose already has fillers, the doctor cannot speak. I will try to add it to be less prominent than usual. Because of surgery during rhinoplasty The filler will swell from the anesthetic. After rhinoplasty, it will be very swollen and will collapse more slowly than normal people who do not have injections. Because the filler will inflate even more From tissue swelling after surgery, during this period, you need to be conscious and calm, do not try to press or squeeze your nose. Because now the nose with silicone is not attached to the skull face, it is absolutely forbidden to touch or press. and another agreement is When the nose is fully deflated and the filler has dried up The resulting nose may be less prominent than desired because the doctor must be careful in supplementing. Not given when added The bridge of the nose is too prominent. Or at present, medical professionals may use the filler suction method. out called Filler – Suction in order for the filler to come out without loss of tissue of the original nose

  There is a case study from one patient consulting a doctor that Went to inject my nose before with filler and thought that the filler had collapsed and then went to augment the nose with silicone, but after the augmentation, the nose looked higher than intended. The doctor who did the rhinoplasty told me that the high rise was caused by the edema of the filler and had to wait 6 months for it to subside on its own.

  The patient therefore returned to the same clinic where the filler was injected. And the doctor who injected said that when the filler is heated, it will disappear. Then bring the IPL (Intense Pulse Light) machine to place on the bridge of the nose. It made the patient feel at ease, thinking that it had already collapsed until when he returned home and found that The nose was red from the bridge of the nose to the tip. After a while, I began to notice that there was a burning mark on the skin on the bridge of the nose. That is so because this patient’s nose does not contain only fillers. But there is also a silicone nose augmentation. and silicone itself that absorbs heat from the IPL machine, then accumulates heat and releases heat back under the skin cause burns to the skin nose bridge

In fact, there are many more stories from filler injections. There are both news and non-news stories that Thailand finds more often than other countries. Filler injection and blind!!

The reason why the filler injection made me blind or dead skin is usually caused by a doctor’s Direct injection that may cause errors The author therefore recommends injection guidelines, early symptoms and initial treatment guidelines. If injected, there will be no events more desirable for the benefit of all doctors in helping patients who start There was a problem with the injection.

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