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What is a Software Development Process?

Software development processes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A waterfall model, for example, starts with a small set of requirements and develops that over time. For example, a team may develop a prototype and review it for feedback. The changes that are made are reflected in the documentation that is created. A waterfall model is also rigid and limits the scope of the project. This approach is not always the best choice for large projects.

The finalized code is implemented into the software and deployed to customers. Next, a software product is beta tested to ensure it works well on a large scale. If bugs are found during beta testing, they are reported to the engineering team for fixing. After beta testing, the software is ready for final deployment. If it fails the beta testing phase, it will undergo further testing. It will then be released onto the production server, either the company’s own or a cloud server.

After the design phase, the product development team will begin the actual coding. This phase is the longest and is focused on developing perfect code. It also involves extensive testing to find out if problems have been detected before the final product is delivered to the client. Once the software development team has a clear understanding of the product and its functionality, they can then begin coding. A software development team will also perform unit testing, which helps identify potential problems.

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