What Role Should Technology Play in Our Lives?

The use of technology in our daily lives has increased the rate of depletion of resources, including fossil fuels and rare earth elements. Those resources are vital for modern electronics, but the use of them has often led to wars in mineral-rich countries. The burning of these fuels also contributes to Global Warming, a growing concern among scientists. Despite the many benefits, we must carefully consider the negative impact of technological advancements on the environment.

The use of technology has made our life more convenient. For example, we can shop online from the comfort of our couch and have the goods delivered the next day. Social networking apps let us interact without leaving our homes. We can also book flights and hotel rooms through social networks. Tablet computers, smartphones, and wearable computer systems make life easier. Using robust apps, we can complete complex tasks within seconds. We are more productive, thanks to our technological advances.

Human life has been dramatically altered by technological advances. We have gone from being hunter-gatherers to sedentary animals, and technology has been instrumental in helping us become a more modern society. Using technology for every aspect of our lives has made life easier, but the negative effects of technology are still evident. In the ancient world, messages could take months to reach their destination. Today, we can travel around the world in just a fraction of the time using airplanes.

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