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Why Most Successful Real Estate Agents Aren’t Brokers

Most successful real estate agents aren’t brokers. Why? Because they don’t know how to set goals or keep track of progress. To become successful, real estate agents must continually review their goals and action plans to stay motivated and stay on track. The more they practice goal-setting and follow them consistently, the more successful they will be. The following are some tips for successful real estate agents. Keep reading to find out how you can implement these strategies into your own real estate career.

First, avoid a toxic environment. Some of the most successful real estate agents are self-aggrandizing. They spend their time tweeting, instagramming, and filming television shows. If you work with toxic people, your office environment can become a negative place to work. It can affect your performance and your relationships with colleagues, causing you to look elsewhere. While these tips can be helpful, remember that you can’t have it all!

Second, be open to a diverse work environment. Brokers are expected to know more than salespeople. This goes beyond competency. As a salesperson, you might not have the resources to compete against a large brokerage. Also, being a broker can backfire if you get in a sticky situation. Consider all of these factors before making the decision to become a broker. Just remember to keep an open mind and stay true to your core values.

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